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The Lost World (1925)–1 hour 8 minutes

The Andrew Alden Ensemble presents the 1925 silent film adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel The Lost World with a live modern score.

This winter and spring, movie theaters and galleries across the US will present The Lost World accompanied by live musical performers. The film features pioneered stop-motion special effects to animate the story of exploration and fantasy.

The Andrew Alden ensemble brings together a fascinating collaboration of rock music and contemporary classical composition with electric guitar, drum set, synthesizer, piano, violin and viola, updating audiences’ experience with this stop-motion classic.


An adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic 1912 novel of the same name. The tale opens on reporter Edward Malone (Lloyd Hughes), who wants to marry Gladys Hungerford (Alma Bennett). Gladys, however, only wants to marry a man of great deeds. So Malone, having asked his editor for an adventuresome assignment, is given the task of interviewing Professor Challenger (Beery), who is planning an expedition to a “lost world.” Malone accompanies Challenger and his men to South America where, on a great plateau, they find a prehistoric world occupied by dinosaurs and ape-like men.


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