Rejuvenating silent film classics with live music, the Andrew Alden Ensemble brings an exciting new score to the iconic Nosferatu.

F.W.’s Murnau’s German expressionist horror film is revered as one of the scariest Dracula adaptations ever made. The film was shot in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania during the early days of film, with Max Schreck as the grotesque looking Count Orlock.

This winter and spring, movie theaters and galleries across the US will present The Phantom of the Opera accompanied by live musical performers.

The Andrew Alden ensemble brings together a fascinating collaboration of rock music and contemporary classical composition with electric guitar, drum set, synthesizer, piano, violin and viola, updating audiences’ experience with this horror classic.

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Nosferatu showings:

Saturday, March 2
Grand Rapids @ UICA
Nosferatu 8:00pm

Thursday, March 7
Champaign, IL @ The Art Theater
Nosferatu 9:00pm

Friday, March 29
Columbus, OH @ Gateway Film Center
Nosferatu 2:00pm & 8:00pm

Monday, April 15
Potsdam, NY @ Cinema 10: The Roxy